Our surveys are carried out using state of the art equipment and we can provide you with different data for different scenarios

Level Monitoring

Level Monitoring is a process of monitoring the foundation movement in a structure to precise levels


Level monitoring is a more expensive form of monitoring than crack monitoring but can provide more in-depth results as to when, how and how much a foundation of a building is moving.

Our level monitoring surveys are carried out using Topcon 500 series digital levels using methods set out in the BRE Digest 386 with a recorded accuracy of 0.1mm.

Level monitoring points are fixed to a building footprint evenly spaced approximately 300mm above ground level, these monitoring points act as fixed markers that will move with the building.  Level monitoring points are referenced to a datum point, datums can include unaffected areas of the building you are monitoring, sewer drains of a good depth or a purpose installed deep datum at a minimum of 6-8m below any root network.

Base readings are recorded and return visits are scheduled for 4-8 weeks for a period of 6-12 months.

Here at Subsidence Monitoring we can provide you with level monitoring data for different scenarios take a closer look at some of our case studies.

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