Worried about making
an insurance claim ?
Not insured for subsidence?Worried about making
an insurance claim ?
Not insured for subsidence?Worried about making
an insurance claim ?

Subsidence consultants
Cracks in our home can cause unnecessary worry and stress, particularly if they are raised as a concern by a prospective purchaser / valuer. These worries can be compounded by getting inappropriate advice from friends, neighbours, builders and even the wrong type of professional!

some common questions:
  • “Will I still be able to sell my house?”
  • “Is it subsidence?”
  • “Do I need to make an insurance claim?”
  • “Will it cost a lot to sort it out?”
  • “How long will it take to resolve”
  • “Who can help me?”
It is not easy to speak to the right expert simply, quickly, and confidentially. Subsidence consultants is a new service to help a homeowner get professional advice to find out the possible cause of a crack or other structural concerns and discuss what can be done to rectify the problem.
Subsidence consultants have experienced experts who can help, and it does not mean paying expensive professional fees at the outset. Subsidence consultants provide an independent gateway for homeowners to get the right advice.
Cracks in houses can be caused by a whole range of causes ranging from:
  • normal wear and tear
  • defects related to decay of material
  • faulty design and workmanship and foundation movement.
At the outset we will try and assess the nature of the problem based on the information that you provide. If foundation movement is suspected, we will also be able to assess whether your home is in an area, which has a high claim history.
Upon initial review of the information provided, we will issue an initial diagnosis summary report,confirming whether the damages could be related to foundation movement or other cause. A pathway for resolution will be outlined including the option to access further expertise with a clear outline of costs.
Our experts who have a 30- year track history in the investigation & diagnosis of subsidence damage throughout the UK. Our experts have been involved in the comprehensive surveys required to determine the cause of damage ranging from site excavation, soils testing, drainage tests and CCTV surveys, tree inspections and building monitoring.